Dead City

by Hellkeeper

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scot moriarty
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scot moriarty this collection is...fuck i don't know...really fucking original and well thought out heavy/hardcore/whatever fucking music. get this. you'll like it. Favorite track: Coma.
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released May 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Hellkeeper Kingston, New York

Paul - Vocals
Jack - Guitar
Rob - Guitar
Terry - Bass
Mike - Drums

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Track Name: Divinity
You can have your salvation, for I don’t need to worship "false idolatry." I will die, and my mind will be consumed by the void. You live a life of blind faith. The words from their mouths are nothing more than trash, yet you are misguided into believing that it’s the right path. Rabid tongues spouting diatribes of the divine word, this only serves to propagate ignorance. Tear down the walls of intolerance.
Track Name: Architect
Grinding my teeth, to the rhythm of this damaged machinery, sleepless nights swallow all my reserve. I’m sickened with discontent, and can feel broken hands working their way through my insides. You’ve imbued me with this curse. For that, I will never forgive you. I will not allow myself to become that monster. I must always fight to fix myself. It won’t come easy, and death will always be waiting for me.
Track Name: Dead City
I walk these hopeless streets that drain the life out of me, and the lights shine down upon them humming in the silence that they keep. As the pavement moves beneath my feet, I realize there is nothing left for me here in my dead city. This is a place that I know well, for it watches me with tired eyes. I can feel myself sinking down to where dreams must go to die. I am these sickened streets, wrought with despair; carried by the current on a route to nowhere.
Track Name: Holy
I am relieved that this dead weight has been shed because I need you like I need a hole in my head. But I can’t accept your apology, for this bitter taste will always haunt me. Breathe. I have to breathe, for you are better off without me. I must renounce what I once worshipped, and burn all of my bridges down. I hope you see the smoke as it rises above this dead-end town. I’ll grow strong as you grow weak, for I need you less than you need me. I’m fucked up, but at least I’ll try to build something more out of my life. I should find peace, for we both know this has been so unhealthy. You will continue attempting to fill the void, I have no doubt, but I just hope that memories of you will fade-out.
Track Name: Coma
I grow so sick of this life, and how it brings me to my knees. There is always a struggle against my anxiety. This is my body and this is my blood; A fever dream, and I can’t wake up. I am alive, yet I feel more worthless as time passes on. There seems to be no end to this pain which I am drawn. Days like these will be the end of me.