A World Within Flesh

by Hellkeeper

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"What might happen if early Slayer met up with early Converge... Hellkeeper aren’t here to make friends, they are here to bash your skull in"
–Nine Circles

"Feral rage! From beginning to the end, this band is on a mission to fuck up the world with an all-out attack on the listener's ear drums."
–Cvlt Nation

"Hellkeeper are explosive. Their blackened hardcore sound has earned them comparisons to Rotten Sound, Deathspell Omega, and even Converge. Flashes of each band can be heard but Hellkeeper is still able to set themselves apart."

"A thunderous mixture of blast beats, distorted vocals, and pulverizing breakdowns. Ghastly and savage, Hellkeeper hit all the right notes in the song of our dark, dark souls."

A World Within Flesh, out April 7th. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Chris Bittner at Applehead Studios (Coheed and Cambria, Bad Brains, Team Sleep).

"The album is about wanting to live in a dream world because reality is too painful," says frontman Paul Butler. His lyrics use literary references to paint their pictures of depression: "I utilized ideas from Hamlet and Don Delillo's White Noise, among other books."


released April 7, 2017

Hellkeeper is:
Paul Butler - Vocals
Jack Xiques - Guitar
Rob Muller - Guitar
Terry Orlando - Bass
Mike Pistone - Drums

Special guest appearances by:
Jared Ashdown - Obscure
Dylan Kaplowitz - Drown

All music and lyrics by Hellkeeper.

Produced by Chris Bittner and Hellkeeper.

Artwork by Mike Brown aka Tronus



all rights reserved


Hellkeeper Kingston, New York

Paul - Vocals
Jack - Guitar
Rob - Guitar
Terry - Bass
Mike - Drums

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Track Name: Obscure
I stare into the cold and blackened sky.
The myriad lights emit a distant song.
I fear the country undiscovered.
Impregnable darkness engulfs the firmament.
I endure the throes of existence.
I float in a sea of obsidian…fastened to the cosmos.
Maggots feast upon abandoned flesh.
All exists as one without time, Decaying and uniting with the universe.
This thread easily broken And reconstituted as something more useful.
I contemplate the heavens And the great expanse.
I tremble at the endless of chaos.
I will be united with obscurity.
Track Name: Drown
A body left for dead before an iridescent glow.
Faces emerge from flood waters.
I see the owl perched as it stares through me.
It sees through my mask.
I am prepared to drown...
Swallowed by the black hole.
No light can escape.
The owl takes flight.
It soars above me.
I hear voices as they scream in agony.
I remember what it meant once.
I turn to see the jaws of eternity.
Fire fills my stomach.
My lungs have taken too much water.
I feel a yank at my throat.
I am hurled into a spiraling abyss.
Track Name: Henbane
Weightless and floating, this flesh feels nothing...no pain...no sting...passing beyond the threshold.
A creek bears rotten fruit.
I am floating dead.
The fire makes trees curl upward and crumble to ash.
The owl watches in silence.
Fire burns the orchard.
Frozen air quells the breath.
It sees...we see...through the veil of death.
The sky bleeds wax.
I take flight, high above my corpse.
How can this be?
The duality confounds me.
Crushing winds pin my wings back down.
This hellish sequence Is engulfed in flames.
I watch in silence.
My body carried by the water to the blazing horizon.
I am one with death.
Track Name: Species
Tell me how to cope with this life.
Teach me how to survive.
This will be just a phase.
“The earth continues on its track.”
Contribute nothing.
Consume until your heart's content.
Submit to this life.
There is no escape.
This is a game no one can win.
I dwell in constant despair.
My body does not belong to me.
My mind lords over infinite space.
Submit to this life.
No escape.
Track Name: Quietus
I fear the words that make me weep.
I fear the hunger that pushes me to crave the end.
My disguise is failing to convince those around me.
This gaping wound will never mend.

I feel sick.
I am confined to this skin.
This flesh holds
a world within.

Bear this agony
Until it all makes sense.
Inhale the ash
From smoke so dense.

Let it bring you down.
Suffer ‘til your last.
You are but a shadow
Of a shadow cast.

Cleanse me of this wretched curse.
I would give anything to feel whole once more.
The orchard burns and the green dissolves.
I feel too weak to continue waging this war.
Track Name: Winter
Words decay as faint echoes within an abandoned building blanketed in snow...an homage to the dead.
The threads loosen--an image torn from its frame.
A severed hand encased in ice.
Light drips from time’s broken jaw like honey wine and spoiled milk.
Like a long cry in the darkness never to be heard.
A stone platform drips blood, suspended in blue firmament and refracting light to numb earth--livening dead soil.
It thaws and becomes green.
Swallowed by time.
Frozen in history.
Track Name: Cycle
Memory fades, and days become weeks.
Who benefits in the end?
Am I even awake?
Nostalgia kicks me square in the teeth.
I remember passion...maybe it’s overrated.
I can’t be asleep.
I am slowly driving myself insane.
A hint of polyurethane fills the air,
I’ll subscribe to false consciousness.
I wanna see how this ends.
A stale generation is misery’s gift to the world.
The cycle repeats.
Track Name: Threadbare
Weightless I dream.
I am shifting through black sheets.
Nocturnal keep...my mind in a state of plasticity.

I hope never to awaken.
I am a god in my own universe.
Limitless flight, protect me from mixery.
I submit to this world, where all life echoes.

Let the rust consume the other me.
I could forget, a world of complexities.

Weightless I dream.
I am shifting through black sheets.
Nocturnal keep…my mind in a state of plasticity.

I soar above endless water.
The sun slowly fades.
In this place I am free.
Endless desires fulfilled.
Track Name: Simulacrum
Grotesque and pale, this machine lumbers forth to better understand its kind--I am thrust into the shrieking throng.
Show me love.
I am lost.
I am an apparatus with no purpose.
Time is disjointed.
Help me stoke the flame within.
I am nothing.
Break down the ego, unpack the self.